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Katie Chrzan - Baker, Healthy Foodie & CEO of No Idea Brownies


From a very young age Katie Chrzan, the founder and owner of No Idea Brownies, had been taught to live a healthy lifestyle. With her lifestyle influences in mind, the New Jersey native decided to take a leap of faith and develop a recipe for gluten-free brownies, which in turn, led to the creation of her company.

“I am always asked how I fabricated the recipe and the concept behind the idea and it wasn’t much more than a total happenstance, similar to the name! After lots of trial and error and having family and friends sample countless brownies, I began conversing with friends about selling my brownies at a local farmers market. The rest, as they say, is history! Since my first farmer’s market with Asbury Fresh Market, my passion for my company and product has grown tremendously. I find myself spending much more time researching and developing seasonal flavors with the hopes of expanding my product line to my current and potential customers.”

Chrzan not only developed a gluten-free brownie, but her recipe is comprised of and sweetened with all natural ingredients, no white refined sugars, and no flour of any kind. With minimal ingredients, her health-conscious brownies clearly stand out amongst alternatives, ultimately leading to her success in the gluten-free market place and more recently, the vegan market as well.

Katie is constantly inspired by traditional brownie flavors, but enjoys the challenge of developing them into healthier, gluten-free equivalents. She also encourages others to remove and replace unhealthy ingredients from their recipes such as flour, white refined sugar, butter, dyes, and preservatives because, through her experience and expertise, she knows it is achievable while still maintaining the same great taste.

“It has only been a short time since the launch of my brand in May 2018, but it has been such an amazing experience, a learning process, and a creative journey that I truly enjoy. I am grateful every day for all the inspiring people I have met, and all the support I have received.”

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